Wenzel [LH Series] Coordinate Measuring Machine

Wenzel [LH Series] Coordinate Measuring Machine

With its revolutionary design, the Wenzel LH Series cmm impresses with high mechanical accuracy, perfect ergonomics and increased dynamics.

CMMs of the LH series are available in the accuracy classes Standard, Premium and Premium-Select. From large Aerospace Frames and Landing Gear to small Gears, and Stamping Dies, Injection Molds.

Renishaw probing technology affords great flexibility and the latest in industrial scanning technology.

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besmic optic wenzel lh gear cmm wenzel lh seriesbesmic optic wenzel lh series


The LH with Rotary Table Series is a 4-axis machine which combines the measurement principles of metrology and the flexibility of a coordinate measuring machine. Equipped with an integrated rotary table and a WENZEL WMC controller, rotationally symmetrical parts as well as prismatic parts can be measured quickly and precisely with an LH with Rotary Table.

Any of the large range of WENZEL LH bridge CMM structures can be configured as an LH with Rotary Table machine, ensuring that we can provide the right machine for every customer.

The baseplate and guides of the linear axes are made of granite ensuring identical thermal behavior of the complete measuring system. For highest precision, air bearings are used in all axes.

LH with Rotary Table machines are suited to customers who manufacture rotationally symmetrical parts and who also machine prismatic parts like gearbox housings.


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