HD Inspection Microscope OPSZ61-T1-HD10

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HD Inspection Microscope OPSZ61-T1-HD10

View from both optical and vision brings a better experience leads to good efficiency process. Best way to capture the image through the small compact 10″ LCD Monitor attached above it. Small working spaces and easy to operate the system. The standard package come with the total magnification range from 6.7X-45X. Additional higher magnification are available to depend on the accessories uses.

  • View through both HD LCD Monitor and Eyepieces at the same time; no switching off one of the view
  • Deliver excellent flatness, good contrast
  • Captured images can be saved in the SD card
  • Comes with simple cross line feature
  • Easy to operate
  • Optional: Measuring Software


Optics Parameter

High-eyepoint and wide field Eyepieces can be attached to OPSZ61-T1-HD10 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope, and the continuous magnification is from 0.67X-4.5X.

Auxiliary lensEyepieceWorking distance
WF10X/22 ADJ *(INC)WF15X/16 ADJWF20X/12.5 ADJ
Total MagnificationFOV (mm)Total MagnificationFOV (mm)Total MagnificationFOV (mm)
1X *(INC)6.7X-45.0X32.8-4.910.1X-67.5X23.9-3.613.4X-90X17.9-2.7100

*Included (INC)