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Roughness Tester Mitaka

NANO 3D Surface Roughness instrument

  • The resolution of each stage is XY=0.1µm, Z=0.01µm.
  • Can be measured in the steep slope figure.
  • The sample’s color does not affect the measurement.
  • Unevenness of the reflection within spot diameter of the reflected laser beam is small. So, Influence of the speckle noise is small.
  • Can be measure 2D and 3D , roughness.



Mitaka PF-60

Large measuring area / high precision measurement

The laser probe with a radius of f 0.5µm and the precision XY stage directly measure an area of several tens of millimeters down to the sub-micrometer level (measuring range: XYZ=60mm X 60mm X 10mm, scale resolution: XY=0.1µm, Z=0.01µm)

Fast 3D measurement

1hour 20 minutes (conventional instruments) > 6 minutes per 128000 points

Excellent angle tracking capability

The highly sensitive autofocus sensor captures low levels of light refrected from the surface of the sample and directly measures steep angles and step heights.

High precision measurement with easy operations

The objective changer (with a slide mechanism) switches between a low power objective for observation and a high power objective for measurement in a single step operation



HDD head suspension (precision blanking)

Tip of a turning tool

High density mounting board (electronic component)

BGA (semiconductor)

Fingerprint (medical & cosmetics)


Other PF Series

PF-150 (6-inch scanning model)

Measuring range: XYZ = 150mm X 150mm X 10mm

Scale resolution: XYZ = 0.1µm, 0.1µm, 0.01µm

Applications: grinding wheels, optical components, molds and dies, etc

PF-600 (large scanning model)

Measuring range: XYZ = 600mm X 600mm X 10mm

Scale resolution: XYZ = 0.1µm, 0.1µm, 0.01µm

Applications: large optical components, large molds and dies, LCD panels, etc.