MKM Series Measurement Microscope

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MKM Series Measurement Microscope

  • Can measure the Precise specimen by Non-Contact Optical Focus system (Precise Focusing Image Module) without the physical damage on specimen.
  • Can obtain high accurate depth measurement simply the coincide of upper and lower portions of graticule.
  • Can measure X and Y (addition to Z thickness)


MKM Series

Non – Contact XYZ Measurement Microscope

Precise Image Focusing Module for Non-Contact depth measuring microscope with the Z-Axis digital depth Indicator and assist the accurate repeatable measurements for X, Y and Z (especially designed for thickness or depth)

Precise Focus Indicator


  • Improve the Z-Axis measurement with the Precise Focusing Image Module.
  • Improve the accuracy of measurement with the exchange of the objective lenses (5X, 20X, 50X)

Measuring Software Quick Measuring 1.0 Version

  • Measurement of basic graph: Point, Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle and Cirque
  • Axis skew and coordinate-shift
  • Element construction: Construct the center, intersection, Midpoint, Line, Circle and Angle, etc;
  • Save as dxf and edit in AutoCAD
  • Multi-point measurement
  • Word Excel and TXT report
  • Tolerance setup Scale calibration
  • Size and angle label
  • Q-Axis record
  • SPC function