Wenzel [Shapetracer 2] Laser Scanner

Wenzel [Shapetracer 2] Laser Scanner

The WENZEL SHAPETRACER laser line scanner changes your coordinate measuring machine into the ideal tool to record and handle point clouds. It is ideal for tool and die making, clay model digitising and anyone who needs to record and work on surfaces and outlines of physical objects. The extremely fast WENZEL SHAPETRACER is driven by the software package PointMaster and can record 48,000 well-ordered data points per second with an accuracy of 20µm.Laser line scanner with robust ability to scan black and bare metal parts.

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shapetracer wenzel besmic optic laser scanwenzel shapetracer

  • Made by WENZEL
    Developed | Produced | Maintained
  • Performance
    Excellent data rate | Excellent accuracy | Versatile with PH10M or PH10MQ
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Different light sources | Different stripe widths | Different filters
  • Easy to use
    Fully programmable | Powerful and easy evaluation with PointMaster | Exchanged for Renishaw touch probe in ACR3 tool changer
  • Value
    Best Value laser scanner | Low cost of ownership | Reliable


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