Trimos Optical Measurement with [TR Scan Compact Z]

Trimos Optical Measurement with [TR Scan Compact Z]



The new TR Scan Compact Z is a miniature height measuring column.

It allows non-contact height measurements on all types of materials such as gold, soft surfaces, transparent surfaces etc.

  • Non-contact
  • Intuitive camera controls
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Height / delta / min / max measurements
  • Quick movements
  • Easy software
  • High accuracy
  • Measurements on moving parts


The CCMP (Confocal Chromatic Microscopy Point) technology combined with a digital camera allows to visualize the “virtual ball” measurement point on the part. Thanks to this method, height measurements are possible in places that a conventional contact sensor cannot reach. The optional measuring system on the table (X/Y) allows fast and precise positioning. The extremely fast Z-measuring system (2000 Hz) allows dynamic height measurements on moving parts.

Z-axis displacement

The Z-axis travel wheel has two functions: quick movement and fine positioning to easily adjust the working distance.

Tilt Adjustment

The tilt adjustment of the table is done using the two knobs on the front of the table.

Mounting Bases

The table’s thumbwheel allows precise movement in X & Y.


The vision system with its adjustable external light makes it possible to correctly view the current measurement area.


A chromatic lens L generates the image of a point source of white light W as a continuum of monochromatic images located on the optical axis (“chromatic coding”).
A sample is located within the color-coded segment and its surface scatters the incident light beam. The backscattered light passes through the chromatic lens L in the opposite direction and arrives at a pinhole P that filters out all but one wavelength, λM. The collected light is analyzed by an S spectrometer. The position of the sample (M-point) is directly related to the detected wavelength.

The beam of the CCMP sensor is extremely small compared to a 1 mm ball. Furthermore, there is no influence due to material deformation during measurement.

The CCMP beam allows you to search for reversal points in extremely small areas not accessible to a contact sensor.



Intuitive User Interface

The Trimos Compact Z software is extremely simple. Its philosophy is inspired by the philosophy of the height gages that have made Trimos so successful. It allows quick non-contact height measurements even for inexperienced users.

In addition, a contour module enables 2D analyses to be performed on the measured profile.

Additional software module :

Contour Basic & Advance

The contour module enables additional measurements to be made on the extracted profile, such as angles, distances, radius calculation, as well as the comparison of a DXF with the contour.