SF1210 besmic optic_wenzelThe new coordinate measuring machine SF 1210 is WENZEL’s answer to the trend to bring metrology closer to production. The SF 1210 offers a large measuring volume of 1200 x 1500 x 1000 mm. This makes it ideal for a major part of the cutting and forming industry. The extended temperature range makes it the ideal system solution for manufacturers of e.g. castings, chassis parts, subframes, engines, etc. The machine concept offers a very good price-performance ratio with a small footprint. The double drive in the Y-axis provides for highest accelerations and speeds and thus for high productivity, e.g. also in connection with an automation. The SF1210 is compatible with the complete sensor program from WENZEL. This flxibility ensures effiiency increases in your measuring and testing process.

The WENZEL SF 55 and SF 87 coordinate measuring machines can be used to measure both series and individual parts in the direct production environment, in incoming goods and in classical quality assurance.

Cost-effective entry into coordinate measuring technology due to an excellent price-performance ratio. Flexible and universally applicable in the workshop and in production. High accuracy over a wide temperature range due to the use of granite in all axes.

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