Wenzel WM | LS 3D Line Sensor

Wenzel WM | LS 3D Line Sensor


  • Can be used on CMMs and measuring arms
  • Accuracy of the blue laser 10 µm
  • Very fast: 250,000 points/second
  • Also for reflective and dark surfaces



Together with the new partner Kreon, the new line sensor WM | LS 70 was adapted to the needs of the customers and also integrated into the powerful measuring software WM | Quartis. This makes further automated multi-sensor measuring sequences possible. A component can be precisely aligned with a tactile probe system such as TP20 or TP200 from Renishaw and used for measuring internal geometries and features with close tolerances. The optical line sensor is then loaded (eg. via the ACR3 autochange rackand a scan is made of the outer geometry. This makes it possible to evaluate the required surface shape tolerance and generate graphical reports with color-coded representation of component deviations.

Designed for demanding applications, the WM | LS 70 scanner performs accurate and fast measurements. The blue laser is optimized for reflective surfaces or even dark parts. The 3D scanner can be integrated on any system: measuring arm, CMM, or even robot.



  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Initial Sampling
  • Reverse Engineering


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