Wenzel WM|HS Hybrid Sensor

Wenzel WM|HS Hybrid Sensor


The WM | HS Hybrid Sensor from WENZEL combines the advantages of optical and tactile measurement technology. In combination with the CORE it enables 5-axis scanning at the highest possible speed.

With its ability to switch automatically and quickly between the tactile TP20 and the optical sensor, the WM | HS is ready for complex measurement tasks. The combination of high-speed optical measurement and micro-precise switching measurement with the TP20 guarantees fast and accurate results for quality control. It is a measurement solution designed for use in production environments.

Based on triangulation technology, the sensor achieves maximum productivity, especially for elongated components with small radii, such as turbine blades. The hybrid sensor can be used flexibly and is also ideally suited for numerous other areas of application.


Technical advantages:

  • The WM | HS can measure highly reflective, flexible and touch-sensitive surfaces.
  • With the diameter of the light spot being only 40 µm and by the elimination of probe radius correction, very small radii down to 0.1 mm can be measured reliably.
  • The TP20 tactile sensor is ideal for bores, hard-to-reach areas and features that cannot be optically detected.
  • A turntable accelerates the measurement of rotationally symmetrical components.
  • The integrated light protection cover opens and closes automatically to reliably avoid reflections during optical measurement.
  • The housing allows maximum accessibility when the machine is loaded by robots.
  • The axis of the sensor can be swiveled freely.
  • The measuring solution is integrated into the powerful WM | Quartis measuring software.
  • No compressed air is required for operation.


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