Check & Verification

The primary action before Quote, our metrology specialist will go verify the functionality or condition of your machine and equipment.
We carefully analyze and record for the action to preventive maintenance or repairing. Included Verification & Caused analysis report.

Troubleshoot & Support

When the machine or a system is malfunction, our specialist will take troubleshooting on problem solving, installation and setting. Professionally able to support our brands and other brands various metrology equipment & machine. Giving you the best solution and recommendation.

Repair & Replacement

Our priority is reducing the cost and downtime. Trust your equipment and machine to our specialist. Repair damages is a cost saving solution. If high frequent of breakdown events, is recommend for replacement of parts. Hardware replacement, overhaul and configure software.

Preventive Maintenance

Preserve the your equipment in first-class condition. Plan your Maintenance periodically, securing maintenance costs in a planned way. Included Preventive Maintenance report and certificate.

Modification & Design

Our R&D Team provide machine modification design, increase flexibility and enhance the productivity. You have your problem, We have your solution.


Calibration of instrument secured their accurate result and quality output. Service plan comes with calibration certification.

Inspect & Measurement

We have wide range of instrument and machine, providing inspect and measurement result and report.

Training Class

Besmic trainer are representative by manufacturer, well trained and able to deliver the knowledge to our candidates.


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